Kalle Persson

Kalle Persson

I'm a product owner from Sweden who likes podcasts, puns, and solving interesting problems.

On this site you'll find various things I'm working on.

Building products at Spotify

I'm a product owner at Spotify, where I've been for the last three years. It's a great place with a lot of smart people.

My current focus is Now, a start page that allows you to discover great content that suits what you're currently doing – quickly and without effort.

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Projects & Posts

Oct 25 – Loremify!

Back in 2010, my awesome friend Tobias Ahlin created Loremify, a Mac Dashboard widget that quickly generates placeholder text.

For a long time, we've been talking about teaming up to turn it into a native Mac app – and now, five years since the initial launch, Loremify for Mac is finally released.

Check it out if you often use placeholder text in your mockups or sofware.

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Sep 30 – Talking at Hyper Island

I was really happy to be invited to Hyper Island's Digital Data Strategy 2016 class to talk about data and how we use it to build products at Spotify.

The talk focused on why data is important when you are creating products, different ways of gathering data, and examples of how you would create a well structured A/B test.

Building Products att Spotify

May 20 – Launching Now

I'm very happy and proud that we are finally releasing the new version of Spotify.The new release contains a lot of news; video and podcast content, playlists that fits your daily activities and moments, and a new running feature that matches the beat to your steps.

My team and I have been working on the new Now start page, which is centered around your day and the different moments in it.

Building this new product has been a tremendous journey with a lot of learnings made along the way!

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Oct 22 – Launch the Screen Saver with your Keyboard

When possible, I prefer using the keyboard over using the mouse, and I'm a big fan of adding and tweaking shortcuts.

A couple of months ago I found a neat way to quickly launch the screen saver with a keyboard shortcut. I figured it might make sense to share it.

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Oct 5 – The Podcast Radio Knob

For Hackaway #2, three friends and I created an application during 24 hours, called Podratten (The Podcast Radio Knob) - a reference to old-school radio frequency tuning knobs.

We created it for situations when you simply don't want to choose exactly what to listen to, but rather just tune in to whatever's playing.

You simply put the phone on a flat surface and rotate it to change stations, adding a level of randomness.

Coming to the App store Soon

Built together with the awesome @unnderbar, @javve & @saraekholm

Apr 19 – Hacker's block

It had been on my mind for a while, so I wrote a post about working on projects in your spare time, what happens when you lose your creative spark, and more importantly – how to get it back.

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Apr 13 – Flip the News

The game Flip the News was created during 24 hours for the first Hackaway. Two friends and I came up with a concept; is is possible to gamify the practice of critical thinking while reading the news?

The game tests the player's source criticism by displaying a news headline and presenting two choices, is the headline exaggerated and false, or is it in fact true?

Due to the time constraints we settled for a web-based game, but it might get turned into a real game one day.

Check out Flip the News

Flip the News

@tobiasahlin, @kwlczk and I built this together!

Jan 7 – 5 Siri life hacks that slightly improve your life

I felt like sharing some thoughts on how I use Siri, so I typed up a short article with some ideas on how it hopefully could improve your every day life, it certainly made mine a bit easier.

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Sept 10 – Sublime Text Open Finder Plugin

Sublime Text is a great editor, but it doesn't provide any means for quickly accessing the folder of the file you're currently editing, so I created a plugin, which adds a "Finder: Open here" command to Sublime's already powerful Command Palette.

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